About Us

Green Door Studio was launched by musicians Emily MacLaren, Stuart Evans, Samuel Smith and Jamie Grier.

Emerging from an increasing disillusionment with the modern recording process both in a business and creative level, Green Door Studio is a not for profit recording studio and community access space made by musicians for musicians.


Recording / Mixing 

We endeavour to make the studio as accessible as possible to all. We offer rates per project so any queries regarding rates please E-mail us.

£180 for one full day

£170 per day for bookings of two or more days


Mastering is offered by Sam Smith, who has trained with Greg Calbi in the US and Alchemea College in London. Recent releases include LP's by Miles Davis, The Music of Bagpuss, Catholic Action, Maynard Ferguson, Total Leatherette, Paradise Palms Records and Fire Records, transfer from multiple formats (inc 1, 12 and1/4 inch tape, cassette and DAT) restoration and preparation and mastering for vinyl is also available.

Examples provided on request.

Rates start at £30/hour. Please contact us for a quote.